Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Around The Garden

I know it's been awhile since I've posted anything from around my yard. So, here's a fairly quiet look at some of the random wildlife I find interesting. On a day like this where we seem to take a bit more time to reflect, I have tried to dwell on how blessed I am to have a beautiful place to call home.

Mom, this is not a monarch, it is a queen. I had no idea.
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  1. wooooooooooooooow! What is that green pod thing? These are gorgeous photos and sooo cool you have this in your back yard1

  2. Your pictures are so good! Well that is why it looks so different from the monarchs here! Thanks for that answer. It is beautiful and I love how you got the picture of it with what looks like one in the background? Those bees? are so different. I actually had one on two different days that looks a bit like that one you have. Very shinny and huge. Do you know what they are called? Loved seeing these, even the lizard, which still makes me silently screech inside. :)

  3. Your pictures are amazing! It's so nice of you to share your space with so many little weird creatures. I am not happy with the spider who has taken up residence in our house...

  4. WOW! You got a lot of going on in your yard. Thanks for sharing, lovely pictures.

  5. Wow, so colorful and pretty! My favorite pic is the first one of the violet flowers.

  6. Love all the wildlife. We saw a lizard in our garden and got quite excited - well I did. Quite rare to see them over here even the one's they call 'common'.


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