Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Girl Stuff

There are a lot of dresses in the queue for our Isabella. 
This fabric decided to be another Simplicity 4243. I made the first one in a 3-6 month size and she is wearing it now. She is quickly growing out of it. She's our little big girl.
The fabric is Weekend Lollies in Peach by Erin McMorris. 
The trim is a jumbo rick-rack from Joann, in raspberry. 
I decided to go with a button closure instead of a zipper and I made my own bias tape for the arm openings.
By the time she wears this, she should be running around on her own. Guess I should make something smaller next time....


  1. Ooh, love that fabric! And I love that the fabric made the decision about what it should be. :) The dress, naturally, is adorable. :)

  2. That is an adorable dress, in my favorite color. I love the rick- rack on the dress, did you know that rick-rack now comes in polka-dots in any colors? I love that stuff.
    The pattern for the dress looks easy, but than you made everything look easy.

  3. Oooh! More awesomeness! I love seeing what you make!

  4. I've always loved this print. Super cute.

  5. Dear God, please bless me with a baby girl in the near future so I can dress her up in these adorable clothes!

    This Silly Girl's Life

  6. oh this is adorable! So sweet and tiny and bright! I love the rick rack and of course you had to make your own bias tape because these brands usually have big huge arm and neck facings even for baby! I love everything!


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