Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dress For My Mom

So my mom came to visit. We only had her here for three weeks and I had to work, but I did get to accomplish one of her requests. She wanted this purple tank turned into a dress. Actually, she wanted me to show her how to do this, so I guess I only fulfilled half of her request. I kinda took over an ran with it. You've probably seen these dresses other places. I made one way back in 2010 that I still wear. Most just call for cutting the tank, gathering your fabric and sewing it on. Most people wear a belt or sash to give it a more fitted look because otherwise, frankly, it looks a bit droopy. To prevent that and yet make it comfortable I went back to an old favorite, elastic thread. I think I did 4 or 5 rows. Now it can be worn as is or Mom can throw on a belt for a second look. I chose a very bold print in a rayon challis that flows beautifully and feels great.
I was so down to the wire on this one, I only got one non blurry photo and no close ups.
 Hope it hasn't fallen apart Mom!
Love you!


  1. That's a pretty print, your Mom looks great in the quick finish!

  2. Really cute on her and love the colors!! Your mom looks fantastic!

  3. well I guess we don't have to wonder where you and Jessica got your good looks anymore...

  4. Great idea!! Have you seen the site pinstrosity? If not, you need to add it to your reader. They had these dresses on on of the posts. Stirring would have been a great suggestion! It looks great on you Norma!

  5. That dress looks gorgeous - I love the fabric you used for the skirt part!

  6. I LOVE my dress. It is getting a lot of wearing! The material is so yummy; it is a perfect choice. Can you say com-for-table??? Thanks for the sweet comments made. Love you bushels.

  7. The dress turned out great , and your Mom look fantastic. It is good to see a picture of her.
    She looks comfortable in the dress.

  8. Pretty dress! Your mom looks great in that color purple, by the way!


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