Friday, September 7, 2012

Loving my silhouette

Mum bought me a silhouette for Christmas - I am thinking I may of mentioned this before- but just in case I didn't it was an awesome gift! 
I bought the designer program for it and then proceeded to never find time to sit down and figure it out. It was one of those blocks that after a year of thinking of all of these awesome things I could make I couldn't come up with anything once I had it.  So while Grandma was here she wanted to see what it could do so.... No better way to figure something out then to have someone sitting there waiting on you to do it! 
Seriously it's ridiculously easy! I haven't figured it all out yet but I was able to turn all of my fabric graphics into cut-able files-and then make garland... lots of garland!

So we made this garland for my cousin who is a teacher. 

And then we made this garland for my aunt who loves bears and blue... well at least I hope she does.... I need to get paper to make one of these for our house! 

And then Grandma wanted hummingbirds so I made up a graphic for that... SO ADDICTIVE!

I may have a cutting problem now! More projects to show you as soon as I get them photographed!


  1. these are so fun! The hummingbirds are my favorite. Grandma has good taste :)

  2. And I so enjoyed watching you do this. And thanks for letting me participate by putting the garlands in order. And I do love mine, but they all are wonderful. And and, keeping the kiddos occupied while you worked on these was fun!
    That is a way cool machine, it would be so fun to have one. I'm not sure I could figure out how to work it but if your Auntie Sherie would buy one, I would be happy to help her figure it out. :)

  3. Sorry, LOVE the zoo, but somedays feel like I LIVE the zoo... But that's another story!

    1. HAHA I live the zoo too. I have a gorilla and a monkey...and sometimes a goat!

  4. These are gorgeous! Is a silhouette a piece of equipment?

  5. i loooooooooooooove all of these but the zoo is my favorite. I just cut out withmy silhouette a ka-gillion shark for the neighbor boys party today and should have done a garland!! I didn't even think of it but now I'm going to do something garland...anything! Broccoli garland anyone? Actually Jon loves broccoli and thinks it will solve all of life's problems so maybe i should...I got the designer thing too and haven't even looked at it. SO far I've been busy with the designs they sell. I love my machine more than I should:)

  6. I just looked and there are no broccoli graphics on the silhouette site. boo.

  7. I love my bear garland so much! And totally think boppy should buy one and then I help her figure it out, or maybe we would have to wait till Corrie came home, really think she needs one, feel free to make me more anytime, what about little Dutch canal houses???????


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