Monday, September 10, 2012

Serger love

Mom finally bought a serger a while back- and I just recently started using it- AWESOMENESS people! If you love to sew you must get one! 

So mom made this little zippered pouch for me. Love the deconstructed Anthro vibe and the crystal pull.

So I decided to copy it! I still hadn't made anything for Bella's diapers so I ended up whipping together a fun matching bag. I made up the pattern as I went but it's based off of one Jennifer made  for Micah which I still love and am using! I made it larger  - it takes about 7 small diapers. (we can be out all day sometimes so I usually carry that many around to be safe!).  I did the same exposed seams. It is lined and to far it's holding up very well!

Can't wait to show you my next serger project! 


  1. cute bag, and how sweet of your mom

  2. They both turned out great! I love bags, they are just so fun.

  3. really cute and simple looking. I love the colors and the embellishment. really cute!!!!!!


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