Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Dresses for Bella

My Granddaughter is a cutie. She is three and a half months old. She loves talking and will wait for you to look at her, so she has your undivided attention, for a chat. Sometimes when she's very sleepy she will "sing" herself to sleep. It makes me laugh.
It's a good thing I started early on dresses for her because time flies and it's just hard to find moments for everything. Does that ever happen to you?
This of course is the hopscotch shirt pattern by Oliver + S. I was able to get all three of the smallest sizes from a yard of fabric. We got this Michael Miller knit from fabric.com. Thank goodness Jess is happy about having the same dress/top for Bella. They are just that cute an comfy for her.
I finished these with my serger and used a double needle for the hems.
Here she is modelling the smallest size. We were having a serious chat, as you can see.
Below is the smallest of the first trio I made. I made a bit long and she has already gotten so much taller!
I seriously could watch her for hours.


  1. Oh, how perfectly sweet and cuddly and oh so girley. I love little sweet peas and you've made such fun, comfy and beautiful clothes for her.

    Huzzah for a very talented grandma!

  2. Love the Bella Blog! That baby girl makes me smile. The dresses are cuties.

  3. Bella is a cutie, how sweet she wants you to look at her when she is talking! Your dresses are adorable, too. I sure like the looks of Oliver+S patterns ~

  4. Soooo sweet! I love it! So the other day while cleaning I found the baby card I bought for MICAH and never wrote on or mailed! Oops! I love you Jess! Just not good at sending mail! Haha!

    1. It's all good Kelly! You got to the card buying part-- I usually just get to the I thought about you part... lol!

  5. oh I love these!!! You could even put elastic at the bottom of the long ones for sleeping and keeping her legs covered; like a sleep sack. I wonder if Ava would sleep in one at 4.5 years old?! I love this knit top so much. It's defiantly one of my favorites. And Bella is so beautiful. breathtakingly adorable:)

  6. By now, baby Bella has grown much more! And in the last video I saw posted of her, she is sitting up and just as adorable, if not more so, now as she is in these photos. What a lucky little girl to have you as a grandmother, the outfits are so cute and they fit her so perfectly!


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