Friday, October 26, 2012

A Pillowcase Dress

A month or so ago Jess and I decided to make some dresses for Bella Boo. We started with a dress that had been gifted to Jess. It was super long. probably a christening type gown. I convinced Jess that we could make it into something Bella could wear. Copying a dress from Baby Gap, in about a hour, we had a dress. It took that long because sometimes I can not get around doing things the hard way....
The hem of the old dress was a very pretty border of embroidered flowers. It was so easy to make, we ended up making two more. Getting pictures is the hard part. I used a soft cotton twill tape for the shoulder straps. the front and back panels have a casing at the neck with elastic through it. I like that you don't have to have actual ties to hold the dress on.
She has already grown so much, that it is more of a top than a dress! That's the nice things about clothing like this, it can go through several growth spurts before being too small. We'll try to show the other versions soon!


  1. Very cute! love the detailing on the dress.

  2. So pretty!!! I love the embroidered hem!

  3. oh man this is adorable!!!! It's soo super pretty! Well done:)

  4. What a sweet little baby doll! You are so blessed!

  5. You whipped it up in an hour...seriously? It is beautiful and she looks adorable in it.


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