Monday, October 8, 2012

T shirt fun

So behind on so many things! Sorry about that life is busy! I will try to get back and get up to date here soon but I really can't promise anything. I'm trying to spend more time with kids...  I don't really feel like I am accomplishing this since I have so many other things going on.... but you're not here to listen to that -you're here for crafting! 

I've been playing with the Silhouette a LOT. It is addictive. 
Among many other things I made matching shirts for the boys-- Uber was nice enough to let me dress them alike for a few hours and get a picture. I LOVE THEM! (the boys and the shirts... but mainly the boys)

I also made them matching Thunder Cats shirts

The one on the left was an extra shirt... for no one special at the moment. 

This graphic is copied from an American Eagle shirt we bought Uber a few+ years ago. It wore out and I held on to it to duplicate... and since I didn't have to hand cut the design I realized Micah needed one too. 

Micah's Sea Turtle Quilt Applique now a shirt graphic

And an enlarge Elephant shirt. 

And here is Bella in one I made a while back (as in before I ever knew there would be a girl to wear it) - It's so fun seeing them in things with my graphics on it!

Alright I am off to bed. Hope you all are well I will try to catch up on my blog reading soon!


  1. Awesome! Love them all! Especially the kiddos modeling! :)

  2. loooove the shirts! That machine is so addictive! Even my neighbors ask me to make things. I LOVE Isabella's shirt the best although the whale one is pretty cool. Thanks to you I can now copy stuff/graphics. i needed a Texas Tech font for my neighbor and just ended up copying from the website and tracing it in the silhouette program like the tutorial you showed me. So cool!

  3. Love your posts, Jessica! SAVE THE HUMANS is awesome! Are you going to list some on Etsy? They would sell!!

    1. Unfortunately it's not my design so I can't sell them: (

  4. I missed this post?!?! How did that happen? Love the shirts and the boys. Great designs!

  5. Love all your shirts. That picture of the two of them is beautiful. It almost doesn't look real.


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