Saturday, October 20, 2012


Small items required for a purpose. 
Miss Bella Boo needed diaper covers. I really did not mean for them to have a patriotic color theme. I was just pulling solids to try out the pattern to see if it worked for me. It is pretty perfect. If you don't like seeing a diaper, but love your girl in dresses, I can recommend this free pattern from Dana Made It. 
I added a bit of cotton twill at the back so no guessing is needed when trying to change a wiggly baby. These are so easy to put together, there really is no excuse for me not making a few more. I want to try some in knit too..... 


  1. Did you see the ones made out of ruffle knit? Pretty cute!

  2. These are so sweet and yeah I did think you were being patriotic when I saw the first picture!

  3. So sweet! I always hate it when the dresses don't come with little pants, these are perfect! You're such a great Gramma. :)

  4. love diaper covers! hate seeing the diaper especially when ti's bulging:)

  5. Is there really anything you can't make? Just askin' cuz I really don't think there is.


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