Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Greenpoint Cardigan - The Cashmere Version

For my second go at The Greenpoint Cardigan, I decided to make something for the girl. It's a size 12 months, so a bit too big, but she wanted to model it anyway.... no bribes necessary.... Anyways...
Once upon a time, a lady had a beautiful cashmere sweater.
 Then she shrunk it.


As I was looking for cardigan appropriate fabrics, I remembered I'd saved this almost too small for anything sweater. There was just enough to get the main body of the cardigan without the neck edge. Buttons would be impossible unless I adding a different fabric and I didn't want to, so I settled for the tie. IF I'd been thinking more clearly the tie could have gone all the way around the neck edge. As it is, this will stretch, but it will be fun while it lasts. I used the sleeve and bottom hems at the sleeve and bottom hems.
 Sometimes I like to keep it simple.

This girl loves to stand up.
 She loves talking to anyone who will look her in the eye.
She loves to laugh.
And drool? Well, it happens a lot!
I love her face.


  1. Oh my word. That girl is the cutest baby girl ever. Love the little mouth, toes, eyes, the whole package. Oh, the sweater is amazing! I guess I should be commenting about the sweater more? But, that girl! She has changed so much already.

  2. BABY!!! oh she is so cute! Is it just me or do she and Micah look a lot alike... I mean I know they are siblings and that's normal, but they look a lot alike! :) how many babies get to sport cashmere cardigans??? It's so great that you could use it for her!

  3. Thinking I need a sweater like that!

    Great job and drool is what it's all about! lol

  4. her knees! love! Those are super cute shorts too. You should copy them :)

  5. those look like oliver + s shorts.. love em! And the sweater! I want to see details because I have been wanting to take some of my jcrew cashmere sweaters and cut them up (I'm over them but can't resell them for a decent price so why not make the girls something??). So how did you do facings and all that? Did you just fold everything over? am I a pain? I want to eat that baby up! She is sooo chunky. soooo chunky in the leg area I want to chomp! I wish I could hug her!

  6. Can i just say you are amazingly talented and the girl is just amazingly cute!


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