Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Goin' Round in Circles Quilt

So last year I lost the beginnings of a quilt. It wasn't a tragedy because I ended up making this quilt instead. 
It was a mystery.
Maybe meant to be.

 About three months ago it was found. 
Seriously, I don't understand this. Jessica and I both must have looked over it a dozen times.
It turned into a collaboration.
It became a gift.
 A Joel Dewberry charm pack, some Kona solids and a yummy Michael Miller Dumb Dot in aqua. Machine applique, plus lots of hand stitching with different colored pearl cottons.
Two tags because it amused us and we knew it would amuse the recipient. 
She says she loves it.....


  1. It was found when you needed to find it. What a fun quilt with the quilt lines that look like ripples in the water! Of course it is loved ~

  2. I totally love it! I love the circles, all the hand stitching, the colors and most of all that you two made it for me!

  3. I'm this the one you lost and then finished because you said..oh I'm confused! But who cares because I LOVE this quilt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's really cool!

  4. There was never any doubt that she would love it. It was fun to watch it being finished.

  5. What a lovely quilt. No wonder it's loved by the recipient - who wouldn't?

  6. Oh I remember when you said you lost a quilt in your sewing room. Is this that one? It is so cool! I really like it!

  7. It is absolutely beautiful and it fits the new room perfect.


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