Monday, October 22, 2012

The Greenpoint Cardigan

The Greenpoint Cardigan - Do you ever have one of those moments when you are looking for a particular something, and then that exact thing practically falls in your lap? This happened to me three weeks ago when Adrianna, one half of the Crafterhours dynamic duo, released her first pattern. Oh. My. Goodness. It is cute. It is adaptable. It is unisex. It is downloadable. You can find it on her new shop website, "Hey June Handmade". I knew exactly what fabric I wanted to use for my first attempt. I've had a Michael Miller clown stripe in brown sitting around for a couple of years. Not a single time did it speak up and say, "make me into this!", til now..... Within two days of downloading the pattern, I had the Greenpoint Cardigan made up, it is that straightforward. Three weeks later, I did the buttonholes and sewed the buttons on.... go me..... Those buttonholes almost didn't happen, my machine and I had a mild disagreement over whether it would make them for me. It actually won, but I'm not going to talk about it. 
I could go on and on about the pattern but I'll post a bunch of photos instead. 
My grandson was my inspiration and model. He was a very good sport, even if he was bribed. 
The boy kills me and I love him so.
Buttoned up, it has a nice slim but not tight fit. The raglan sleeve makes for easy movement and this boy moves.

 Micah really got into modeling. He even turned back and forth so we could different views.

 Ahhhh blowing kisses?!
 NOPE! Eating brownies. You can see a bit in his right hand in the photo below.
Unbuttoned the look becomes cool and casual.

And then he was done!

Disclosure: Though this pattern was given to me by the designer the decision to make it, love it, write about it and make it again are entirely my own.


  1. This male model of yours is too cute ;-)) and the cardigan is supersweet!

  2. love the cardigan! It's soooo manly and adorable. The stripes were a perfect choice. Love it!!!

  3. You forgot the part about him liking it so much he didn't want to take it off!

  4. These photos look like they could have come from a catalog...from the "model" to the cardigan! Picture perfect!

  5. thanks so much for making it and for your very sweet words!! Your little man is so sweet too :) I love his little lips. And I'm so glad you won the battle of the buttonholes, because the buttons you chose are perfect! The whole thing is grampa-chic, which is exactly what I was going for with the pattern (well, in my house, it was granny-chic. But now I've just remembered that you're a granny so I hope you're not offended and you know that obviously I'm referring to grannies that are at least 20 years older than you. I'm going to stop talking now. Did I mention I've had a margarita?)

  6. The model is 'the best', the sweater is amazing. Love all the pictures of the boy and since the sweater is on him, love them too. BTW, noticed the planters in the spot by the front it! I want to see pictures.

  7. Too cute - he's such a great model!

  8. It looks great! I love your fabric choice. Micah looks so cute! He's growing up so fast!!!!

  9. The sweater is perfect and the model adorable. You do such great works, and you always find the right fabric for your patterns. I am convinced it is in your gene.


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