Friday, April 17, 2009

Mom's here!

And she brought me treasures! This is my guitar. Haven't seen it in awhile. Forgotten how to play but it's nice to have it back again. I estimate that it is about 40 years old. Not bad for a forty year old...... To the right is a cool bag mom made me. On top is a gift my sis gave me. The wool elephant she made. I love this elephant. Me with the elephant, my double chin and a baby alpaca scarf mom knitted for me. Guess I shoulda pulled that scarf higher?
I'm a lucky girl!


  1. I love all your gifts. Tell your mom I said Hi!

  2. I am so jealous of your elephant!! I LOOVVVVEEE it! The scarf looks so scrumptiously awesome too! We need a better picture of the bag though. hope you guys are having fun!!!

  3. need better pictures all around! (Your chin is fine, it's the elephant, scarf and bag we want to see up close and personal!) Can't wait to see your mom!

  4. ohhhh!! I saw the elephant on Sheri's blog!! Holy cow (elephant)!

  5. Yay! Is she going to come to work with you again, like she did last year? I can't wait to see her! And all your gifts are awesome. I totally want a better look at that elephant...

  6. You can photoshop out the chin. But I wouldn't bother. ;)

    I love the scarf! Especially against that brown jacket! And I can't wait to cuddle the elephant. And yes, we need a better picture of the bag, and I can't wait to give your mom a hug! :)

  7. you two have a wonderful time together, take the elephant downtown for coffee and cake for me!


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