Sunday, April 12, 2009

Tomorrow's the last day for the GIVEAWAY...

So for everyone who wants something actually mailed to them for the giveaway I will try and get on that someday when I have some spare time. But that probably wont be soon because I am stretched REALLY thin right now, works CRAZY, I am teaching at church, I am trying to learn the guitar, and there is more going on but just right there you can see I am swamped. But I am wanting to do it... and would love suggestions as to what YOU guys would want to see as the prize... because I really don't know what you would want!
We checked out a antique mall/flea market on Saturday morning, I went with low expectations (this is something I am working very hard to make myself have ... I am not trying to be pessimistic, just realistic) anyway back to the story- low expectations - they were right on the mark. The antique mall had no furniture and a lot of overpriced dishes. But I did find this

Don't ask me why but I totally dig these. ( It's a power line insulator for those who don't know) A friend where we used to live collected these and had them in all sorts of colors and I always found them fun to stare at...they are absolutely not useful in anyway.
The flea market side of the thing was rough. In our area local farmers do not sell at farmers markets they like to sell at the flea markets.... can anyone explain this to me?? And they are the only good thing there... which kinda weirds me out. I really wish someone would open a decent farmers market. Other then that flea markets in the area are actually junk markets they are rather a depressing place to go and I have seen nothing at the two I have gone to that I would touch and I don't know if the vendors are really as bad off as they look or if they dress for pity but I don't think I will be checking anymore out any time soon.
So another insane project is completed. I bought the Pottery Barn Megan chairs after staring at them for 2 years and what do you know the next month they discontinued them...after having them for YEARS... they never came out with another slip cover and none of the ones in their last batch matched my house. Did I mention I even asked the lady if they were discontinuing them before purchasing them and she said no... So anyway I finally decided to make myself some. I have 8 chairs... oh dear was this a project. I now know that I very extremely dislike sewing the same thing repeatedly ... it makes me a nasty person. I had to make my own pattern and everything. 19 yards of fabric and 8 invisible zippers later I got done at 11pm last night I will never try and do this many at one time again (I started them last Saturday) next time I will pace myself ... haha

I think they turned out very well. Only a few mishaps. Which we are not discussing here...

I am really hoping the fabric holds up well it's not as thick as the store bought ones. Why is it impossible to find fabric as nice and thick as what stores carry stuff made in?

My other concern is are they too green?

Never mind you probably should answer that... unless it's to say that they are perfect.

Now I am just going to wonder if you are lieing...but I definitely think they add color to the space!

Meanwhile for anyone who is buying the new version of this chair that is just EVER SO SLIGHTLY different from the old one (darn you pottery barn) my advice to you is buy as many slip covers as you can... they are actually very well priced (especially when they are on's a steal when they are on sale) and if you have the old version and need the pattern I will totally help you out...


  1. I think the green is lovely, and you have an excellent eye for color and decorating! And yes, the chairs are perfect! I'm with you on stores like Pottery Barn--not exactly user friendly sometimes with their ever-so-slight "improvements" to things. Congrats on beating the giant project!

  2. beautifully sewn! Really really good job. I despise making my own patterns so I would have been extra grummpy:) What type of fabric is it?

  3. Yes, they're definately green, but they look fabulous against that dark wood table and with your other green accents. I don't think it's too much. Congrats for completing a huge undertaking!

  4. it's a 100% cotton- duck cloth kind of fabric...but I dont think it is actually duck cloth because that would have been thicker... it was in the decorators section of the fabric store in their solid colors section

  5. I think they are beautiful jess, the thought of putting in 8 zippers, i am impressed, your house is so pretty i just want to come and knit there!

  6. Well, I too think they are perfect. The green is NOT too much. Good job! Oh, and I really like the little green round accent table, that is new too!

  7. Wow! Fabulous work Jess! The green is fantastic and the sewing job... phenominal! I HATE zippers and you did 8! So the green is working really well. Maybe a tassel at the end of the zipper tab to add a little pop and movement... A red or orange (what are the reddish colors in the print over the table?) Just a thought.
    Really nice place Jess! Wonderful work. =-)

  8. O.k. so I thought I'd commented. I LOVE the color. I agree with everyone else, your eye for color is wonderful. I also love how you just do things. You're brave or crazy. Probably a bit of both! Proud of you!!!!


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