Sunday, April 26, 2009

Getting ready to go

What do you do when you are getting ready to go on a big trip? I choose not to do the normal things like, say, pack. I take the day off and do things like share a huge hunk of brie and yummy jelly with my mom. This was a gift for us from Mary. Mary, it was perfect. We ate it all. We didn't share.

Next on my list is of course sewing. I simply couldn't pack until I made us these bags! I tried using the iron on vinyl Jennifer let me try. Yikes, that stuff is not made to be flipped back and fourth as this bag has to be. I was very dissappointed, Mom grabbed it from me, running to her room, saying mine mine. It's the one with the dots.... Mine is, yes, the purple one. The last is a gift.
Ok. I even managed to get myself mostly packed and some chores done. We head out this afternoon. Hopefully we will find connectivity somewhere. Otherwise you will know we are somewhere between Stuttgart and d'Orcia, Italy. We'll be home next Saturday, unless we buy a villa.....


  1. Enjoy your trip! I love those bags. And when you buy your villa, I will stop by for a visit with or without an invitation... so just be prepared.

  2. me too! I'll drop the girls off:) And because it's all about me, are you going to be avaibale for emergencies (like where is the price gun tape--no I don't need that info, it's just an example!)?? We will miss you but I know this is a much needed vacation. Have fun!! I need to make my Jessica toiletry travel bag now....

  3. OOH! If you buy a villa make sure there's a room for me!

  4. Where ever I am you all always have a place. It might be a closet but it'll be there!

    Yes, of course you can call anytime. Isn't the pricing gun tape in the dresser???

  5. Hehe, sounds like you are as good at procrastinating as I am. I usually put off things like packing for as long as I can... Have a fantastic time!!

  6. ooh, have a fabulous vacation! mmm, brie and jelly! makes me want to run to the store and buy some, but of course it wouldn't be as good as the yummy from Europe....sigh. I love those bags! can't wait to get mine! :) HAVE FUN!!!

  7. YUUUUUMMMY! Love those bags! Have a save and fun trip!!! Don't forget us when you buy your Villa :)


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