Monday, April 27, 2009

New project

First I would like to show what first inspired me to make my pillows. I saw a pillow in a boutique in Amelia Island they only had one and I totally fell in love with it. Then I looked at the price tag and about keeled over and died... the staff wasn't exactly overly social (it was a absolutely gorgeous boutique with scrumptious french antiques) So I didn't want to ask any questions about it, I couldn't even get a picture so I just went home and looked at their online store hoping it would be on there. Of course no luck. I ended up calling later and asking if they knew who designed it and finally got this website as a answer. More beautiful stuff but they still didn't have the original pillow I saw and wanted (not that these prices were affordable for me either) so I started designing my own. And no I don't think they touch this woman's work. I finally saw her work again in the latest Ballard Designs catalogue -I was so excited! This is the closest I have seen to the original pillow - it might even be the same pattern I only saw it once for a few minutes. I love the way she has the work displayed. Can you believe I have none of my stencil work in the house? I had been wanting to frame it or something but I couldn't think of a way it would look good and now I know. So I got to work on what I think is my favorite stencil so far and here is what I came up with

It was really hard to photograph because of the glass. I did all the framing myself with only one call to my mum for a few questions. The supplies are all from Michael's. The frames is one from their more expensive line that comes with no glass, I fell in love with the simple leaf design (and I bought it on their 55% off sale) I bought a large piece of matte board (that I cute to size at home) and had them cut the backer board for me. I also picked up spacers and framers tape. I hand stitched the fabric to the matte board. I am SOO glad I hung out with mum in the frame shop for a day a few years ago I was so much fun to put something together again!

The frame fits a 16x20 piece so it is a pretty large piece. But I still shrunk the design from what goes on a pillow.

Just a few close ups. I have a smaller one that I still need to do, same frame just in an 11x14 size. I still need to decide what I want to do for that one... decisions, decisions...

Meanwhile earlier today Uber informed me I had a surprise when I got home... you never know what this could mean with him they've varied greatly in the past.... sometimes he's just joking... I tend to figure he is joking so I reminded him I wanted a plant from Lowe's and told him the colors and figured he had an out if he was kidding about it (I really wanted a surprise) When I got home he gave me this

yes, that would be candy from his office... what a sweet heart right! I was like come on REALLY where are my plants?! And he was like ohh... yeah ok well I will bring those tomorrow... So we were making dinner and he got a business phone call and sent me to get his PDA for him out of his briefcase and this was next to it

I think I screamed but you would have to ask him because sometimes I just make noises in my head. I did yell at him though!! Since no where locally has it setup to try out he decided to just bring it home so I can see if I like it, if not I can take it back the store has a 30 day return policy and said it would be no problem to return it. I am hoping I love it and don't want to take it back, but just in case. I've played with it a little so far it is easy to draw with but everything looks like a 3 year old did it... I am REALLY hoping this improves....

One thing is for sure Ubers AWESOME!


  1. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! I'M SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!! Yes, when you start everything looks like a three year old did it. My trick is to work with small bits of a design and then bring everything together into one large design. SOOOO excited for you!!!!!!!!

    Also, LOVE the framed stencil work!

  2. LOVE your stencil work (you're soooo creative!), but hubby takes the cake! How awesome he is to be able to surprise you like that. You're one lucky girl!

  3. the frames stuff is beautiful! So professional. You are just so talented:) I can't wait to see what you make with the drawing thingy!

  4. Hooray for your guy!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you are having fun with it! I love your framed linen! You did a great job. Nice sewing!


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