Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Because I think I can do anything

I thought I would show you all a pre-blog project.

Meet ugly pink chair that I am for some reason wierdly attached to. Uber was like un-huh... that's special, but he rolls with just about anything so it sat in our room like this for quite awhile. I am not really sure where my mum got it from. But it is an art deco (I think) period chair and it was covered in a dusty rose pink velvet fabric

I was totally digging the velvet but not the pink and it was falling apart so I figured I would recover it... I had done a couch before (I need to scan those pictures in to show you so... yeah that may never happen) Anyway the bottom was also falling out and needed to rewoven and nailed so I went for it and took it apart.

When I pulled off the bottom I found this label... which was really neat and then I realized hmmm... I probably should of made sure I am not destroying anything of value... but it was too late so uh... forgive me if this was a no no. This picture is kind of blurry but it says it was made on the 2 March 1910- how cool is that?! This chair is almost 100 years old!

I chose a brown velvet fabric. I wanted to keep the chair similar to what it was just with a color change. It went really well, though I do wish I had taken an upholestry class before because then it would have been perfect

I covered the seams with cording

I found this funky trim for the bottom. There was no fringe in the right color and personally I think this is better.

Here is it completed

You can see how long ago this was since there is still carpet on the floor in the living room... and the vertical blinds over the window... I didn't know they still made these until moving to florida... yuck!

from the back

It's a little different than the original but I dont think it lost anything in the redo.


  1. Yup, one of the coolest chairs ever. A testament to how much I love you cause I LOVE that chair. Joan and I got it junking. I think she wanted it but let me have it??? Joan?? It fit me perfectly. The pink and the fringe were original. I think you did a lovely job.

  2. Wow, awesome chair, awesome job! How cool is that to know exactly when it was made? Your mom's much nicer than I am; I'd have kept it!!!

  3. you did an incredible job! Holy cow! I woudln't even know where to begin with that type of reapholstry (I need spell check..).

  4. Wow, that's really cool. It looks way better now, nice job!

  5. Oh my Jess! I can't believe your mom gave that chair to you! I still remember the night your she and I went junking and found that! And yes, I did want the chair, but like she said, it fit her to perfection! So, being the (ahem) kind and generous soul that I am...I let her keep it. YOU! You did a fabulous job of fixing it! Although, I must admit, I loved the original fringe! You did a truly remarkable job on that chair. You are so talented!

  6. I would love to add the fringe back on- like I was saying I couldn't find any in the right color - I do like the trim that is on there but my goal was to keep it the same because the original look is what I loved about it. And mum you can have it back any time - if you move to florida.... Ha!

  7. It would never have even crossed my mind to try and recover that chair--or any chair, really--myself. You did a fantastic job, it looks amazing!! Consider me impressed. :)

  8. Wow, that looks amazing! I'm about to embark on an upholstery project for 2 armchairs too. I've never done it before. Do you have any tips or resources to refer to?? Thanks!


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