Friday, April 17, 2009

Presenting the completed CatBirdFish Studio Logo

I have had a total blast putting this together! After knowing for sure which direction to head in I got to work again last night and I am very happy with the results. So here it is --

For the fun of it (and because my interent went down right when I wanted to post) I colored it in. I didn't expect to like it more but I think I might!

Uber is pushing me to get back to school... blech! But today he told me there is a graphic design institute locally that is connected with a larger one in Miami. Now I am interested!! I think we are going to go check out an open house next weekend... I'll let you know how it goes!


  1. Awesome! Go to school! The final catfishbird studio is very cool. Though I do think I like the b/w version....

  2. I'm not sure which version I like better..the fluffy grey cat looks like my Mau Mau. wow! I'm so envious that you can maybe go back to school for this! Kicking myself for not finishing design school. I'm not sure there's anything you need to learn though. you really do seem to know everything! Not said in a bitchy way. Just a fact!

  3. Oh how exciting!!! Yeah, you prob don't need the lessons, just the piece of paper at the end. I hope it works out for you!

  4. My bad neither is the final I just did two figuring they would be useful for different things. You dont have to choose between them. I like them both. I also am going to put together a silhouette one that she could use on a tag... anyway the school is pretty expensive so we will see what they offer (and if they would accept all of my previous credit hours) I also want to check out the community college and see what they offer since it would be 4 classes for the price of one... I miss californias tuition prices- they were so reasonable!

  5. Okay, tried to leave a a comment before work today, and it didnt post, so let me just say, I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! It is perfect, perfect, just what I wanted to always to be, now, just need to come up with something worthy of it. How do i get it from my screen into the real world?? And maybe you need a little felt creature??? Thanks for all the work that you put into it, your brilliant, and yeah, go to school if you can!

  6. What a clever family you all are! Why not start your OWN school??!!
    So, what's the story about the catbirdfish? I've always wondered.

  7. I guess when Corrie and Tayler were little they would pick what animal they wanted to be and sherie wanted to be all 3... So I made her one for her logo


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