Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tags - take two

I made myself some new hanging tags to replace my old ones... I still need to get them cut up.

While I was at it I made my mum some... just for the fun of it.

What do you think?

Do you want them?


  1. Hey, I want them! Okay, maybe I'd rather have some with my own initials, but both yours and your mom's are so great! I sooo wish I had a need for tags like that, 'cause I'd hire you to make me some...Love them!

  2. I'm not sure we actually need them I just love tags and labels... It's a sickness...I actually forget to put them on most of the time!!!

  3. i need some jess!!!! especially if they are attached to something you and your mom make! think i need some of my own, could you do something with the words catbirdfish studio, and throw a circle in there too, just if you have a spare second or two, which you probably have less of than i do, work, yuk!

  4. Sherie- I'll get right on that- it sounds like it could be fun give me week.

  5. Those are really cool! I like the paper you printed them on.

  6. I want them!!!!!!!! Do I have to wait until I get there? Have I told you what a clever girl you are? This blackberry is killin me. more later k?

  7. gorgeous! I love craft paper stickers! They look so professional!


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