Sunday, August 23, 2009

Step 3 ... are we there yet?

16 days in and I just want to tell you this quilting thing is no joke! This is what I have looked like now for a week!!! But good news I finished up the quilting today and started making my binding tonight. Hopefully I will be wrapping up this project REALLY soon because even though I have thoroughly enjoyed the process and even still now am having fun with it (which is surprising I have a REALLY short attention span for projects) I would like to be around here more and well anywhere other then the couch!
So here it is... not sure how much you can really see the quilting... It's done in alternating brown and pink heavy duty embroidery floss. I think it has really made the peacock stand out more from the back ground. (which will be more noticeable in the last picture)
Uber and I had an awesome weekend of just being lazy and eating junk food (yes junk food... lots of junk food). The weather even cooperated and rained just like we asked so there would be no guilt in sleeping in... until noon... that isn't normal though Uber and I had a really (really, really) long week that included but was not limited to some ridiculous work hours for him and some lousy sleep for me. Hopefully last weeks annoying stuff won't drag into next week and will just all wrap up nicely for us.... pretty please!
We've been watching Royal Pains. If you haven't seen it you should check it out. It reminds me of Burn Notice... which is also awesome. I also finished 'reading' (listening) to My Sisters Keeper which was a great book which reminded me of a Nicholas Sparks book and that is all I am going to say in warning. Definitely a good read. Does anyone have any other recommendations? Well I am off to work!


  1. I'ts gorgeous! Absolutely fantastic. I looks perfect.

  2. It's amazing! I can't believe you quilted that whole thing by hand. You're incredible!

  3. I love this type of quilting! It's perfect for this quilt as is the peacock. Just gorgeous!!!

  4. WOW!!!!! WOW!!!! WOW!!!!! That is gorgeous!!!

  5. Your quilt is absolutely gorgeous! If this is your first..I certainly hope it won't be your last? It's stunning! :)


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