Monday, August 24, 2009


I was thinking the other day that it's time to take down the Sunday Brunch Jacket hanging in the shop, hoping to inspire others to sew something. I really love that little jacket and now I will fold it up and send it to Jessica. Thank goodness she sees no pressure in me making these little things. I haven't asked Uber about that...... Anyway, I just love these patterns and when our corduroy came in at the same time as the Marrakesh line, I couldn't resist the way they looked together. This is size 6-12 months. Maybe the next time Baby E comes in I can see if it fits her. She's growing fast though...

I made another of Heather Bailey's aprons. This time I decided to make it reversible. It works. It wasn't too difficult either.
More later.


  1. LOVE IT! ALL OF IT! I don't think Matt cares... and if he did you will never know! Can't wait to get the coat!

  2. The coat is adorable! I love that fabric combination and the Apron... simply maaaarvelous! Gosh I wish I could sew like you!

    Maybe I'll try to find some Heather Bailey fabrics...

  3. Those coats are soooo adorable. I want to make one now so bad, but i have no one to make it for.... to bad.

  4. The jacket is adorable -of course- but I am loving that apron! I can see it so much better now that I've seen it done in 2 fabrics. I think I'll need to get that pattern, and that when I make myself an apron, that it'll be this one. Love it!

  5. OOH! I love the apron reversible! I love that brown sashing!

    And the jacket is ADORABLE!!! I love those fabrics!

  6. That jacket is ADORABLE!!! and of course that apron is soo flattering on you!

  7. Its so cool that I will be there shortly to steal this apron and bring it home with me!!!


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