Friday, August 7, 2009

Finally done

The garland is done and up in the shop... huge sigh of relief over here! I had no idea this would take me so long to finish! Really it was the packaging's fault... I love cute packaging... and cute packaging doesn't happen quickly... but it does give me a chance to make more graphics.

So here are the finished products. There ended up being 7 ... uh yeah... enjoy!

One is already being used for a baby shower going on tomorrow! Alright I am off to do something (anything) not involving paper!


  1. Oh my goodness, I hate to comment because I've said such wonderful things to you in the past and I'm just a bit afraid it will all go to your head. So, having said that... You are AWESOMELY, FABULOUSLY, AMAZING. talented! I would never in a million years thought to buy garlands, but I would definitely buy these! They are fantastic! Love, love, love them!

  2. These are adorable!! And long too. Really really cute and a good idea. I think the pink is my favorite..and I love all the names!

  3. Not only are the garlands just so cute but I am crazy about the packaging, something I should work on. Ever since I was a little girl I thought the presentation was half of the gift and these are really charming eye catchers. Jacksonville's got talent!

    Smiles, Tracy


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