Friday, August 7, 2009

A pretty perfect day

I woke up earlier than I'd wanted to. So when You Know Who came in from his run saying there are two hedge hogs out by the door, I was ready. By the time I got out there though, one was bumpity bumping off through the grass. I should have taken a movie. It was funny. The other one froze. At first it looked at me and then...... It attempted to roll into a ball. Either it wasn't very practiced or I wasn't very threatening. Hiding it's eyes under it's spiky brow was the best it could do. Yes, Jessica, I touched it. That photo was blurry. It's very hard to take a picture at dawn, laughing, outside in your pjs, knowing your German neighbors have seen, and feeling so sorry for this little creature that you can't resist touching.
After that I pretty much started the day with a vengance. The next item up is a wristlet key thingy that I've wanted to make for awhile. I don't have the "real" hardware that everyone else uses, so this is my version. I love it, I don't know why but it makes walking the dog more fun. This one is for a certain friend.... is it pink enough?

Six more installments towards my spider web quilt.

A quilt top finished and hopefully quilting will commence soon. This is for a seven year old who likes race cars. I'm glad he also said these colors are favorites, they all happen to be flag colors in racing. I hope he likes it.

And then I was thiiiiiis close to finishing another top. Oh the saddness of miscalculation. Oh the harsh trials of directional fabric. So Jess, here's a preview, if you don't like it, too late.

And for goodness sake, if you don't like animal fur or random strings of thread do not magnify this photo. Thank you.
I even managed house cleaning and an hours walk around town, in the heat, getting bad directions, searching for a totto lotto that had a package for me.
More later


  1. LOVE IT! This post was awesome. Of course you had me at hedgehog... I want one now...
    I have been wanting to try those wristlet thing too... not sure what I would use it for though. They look addictive!
    The whole spider web part should really wierd me out... but it doesn't how can you like webs but not the bugs that make them? Ok I really only like webs as an idea... not in reality
    THE RACE CAR QUILT IS AWESOME you rock! I can't believe you were ever worried... can't wait to see it totally finished.
    You are cracking me up I like my quilt what tragedy occured with it? Is it finished or are you still doing more? The braid looks awesome I can't wait to see it up close. Well I am off to try and be mad productive... wish me luck

  2. a hedgie!! I don't think I've ever seen on up close. So cool!I'm so glad oyu got so much done! It feels good, doesn't it? The race car quilt is soooo cute! And I can't believe you stressed over it either. He is going to love it! And the one for Jess is soo cool. I love the design and the fabric. Good job! The key wristlet is super cute! My favorite fabric. I think the world should be made out of it:)

  3. any day that begins with a real life hedge hog in my book just rocks, i mean out in nature, a real wild one, just so cool, and the quilts, your talent is amazing, love them all,none of my projects seem to be coming out at all, yarn, ackkkk.

  4. It's pink enough, I love it! Those quilts are awesome. Jess is one very lucky girl! Oh and any boy would love that car quilt.

  5. Hedgehog heaven... in your front yard? Lucky! Umm, you are so productive in one day, I am super envious, cuz I'm still getting used to feeling accomplished when i get the dishes done, haha!

    btw, the projects are all very cool, esp the key chain, love it!

  6. That hedgehog is adorable! And well all the stuff you make is fab. Who's the lucky 6 year old??


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