Saturday, August 1, 2009

Just Enough Sunshine

We finally got back out on the water today after quite a few uncooperative weekends. We almost didn't make it out after such a long week it was hard not to just sleep in. It of course was fantastic as we knew it would be. The rain and storms held off till the evening but the day was over cast and the perfect temperature to be in and on the water without being uncomfortable.

The tide was VERY low on our way out and there wasn't much wildlife
Most that we did see was flying.

How about this bird though? I still haven't looked it up to see what it is but it was HUGE I think at least up to my shoulders. The darn thing wouldn't fly off, we waited for quite a while to see if it would. A four foot tall bird has to look cool flying.
I love this photo it looks great blown up.
Uber dropped one chip in the water accidentally and there was not a bird around. Within 2 minutes 3 showed up and were very agitated wanting to get the chip. Ubers down in the corner and they were flying very close to his head. He had to splash them a few times.
My shell booty for the afternoon. I LOVE clam shells especially when you have both sides this island/jetty is the only place I have ever found any and today was a very good day for them
There were hundreds of them covering the beach, I have never seen anything like it. It looked like there were white bubbles covering the whole length of the beach.
Happy feet
We sit and eat our picnic in the water and I started feeling something tickling my feet and realized a bunch of small fishes were swarming our toes it was the funniest feeling. I told Uber maybe we were getting that new treatment the spas are doing with the fish for free.... anyway I just had to try and catch one... because that is what I do... isn't he cute? Don't worry I released him. I am wondering what kind of fish he is.
Well Uber is heading off for reserves tomorrow and we have company here at least through Monday. They have turned out to be lovely people which has been fun. I haven't gotten a single thing done though... which accounts for the lack of posting. They went off to Savannah for the weekend and I am hoping they enjoy themselves. I am going to try and get some crafting started up again tomorrow during some down time... wish me luck!


  1. Just a little bit longer....

    Love the one of the bird too. Glad you guys went out!

  2. that little fish is sooo weird! He looks like a Maynard. Very bookish, smug and serious. Did you get my email? from the other day?


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