Sunday, August 30, 2009

All over the place....

Friday night I made a coffee cake that is pretty scrumptious. It's the one that Pioneer Woman blogged last week. And she wasn't kidding about eating your coffee! Very good. If you decide to make it be sure to pick a really good instant coffee because that is what the cake is going to taste like!

My grandma me a bracelet that she got for me on hers and my moms trip to Italy this spring. The beads are murano glass and she told me to feel free to restring it since it came with gold findings. So I finally made it to the bead store on Thursday and this is what I ended up making...(of course after reminding myself repeatedly I completely forgot to take a before picture) I used Sterling silver beads in varying sizes of circles and disks. I am totally loving it. I've already worn it a few times.
What happens when you ask you husband to take pictures for you? You have about two hundred shots (most of them where you are out of focus or look irritated) and only the last one he took of you goofing off looks decent... haha... anyway thanks Grandma I LOVE the beads I have already gotten compliments on the necklace!

Another thing off the to do list is this small pouch. I made it for all of my electronic accessories that need to live in my purse but don't because they always get all tangled up and then I take them out and don't have them when I need them....
It's the same pouch as my Tutorial that I sell on Etsy just shrunk down very small. I did some quick patchwork from quilt scraps and then lined it with corduroy... I love it except that I went so far as to french seam it...because of my OCD tendency's and broke 3 needles in the process one which hit me in the lip and one that shattered into my eyes... ummm... yeah anyway I didn't hurt myself permanently or anything but Uber tells me I have to wear shop glasses now while sewing... hmmmm... anyway incase you didn't know trying to french seam something very small that is patchwork and courduroy isn't the best idea...
Other then that I have been working on some new graphics for a baby shower invite I am doing and I have been punching more paper for garland... fun fun fun... We have been watching Eureka all weekend it is a really weird/quirky show - sci-fi. Oh and I finished The Time Travelers Wife. Totally read it if you get a chance it was great.


  1. Would love to have had some of that cake.....
    The little bag is so cute! I was thinking of making a couple of small bags to carry around for things like holding the screws to my new cabinet after taking it apart at the store.... I used the makeup bag you made me....
    Please be careful with your eyes!

  2. I love what you did with the beads, I knew you would do something very clever and you did!!! It looks really pretty and you are very welcome, glad you are having fun with them. The cake looks yummy and your little bag is darling, I love little things....

  3. Oh' I really like the beaded necklace - what a great job you did!!! The little bags & the blanket, wow, where do you find the time to be so creative? I never have been good with zippers. It's been years since I did them & for some reason always had to ask my mother for help showing me again & again even though I could sew pretty good....
    Have fun crafting...Tracy

  4. Very cute Jess! I love little bags!I have been there with the needle thing. I have had them smack me in the forehead, eye, cheek, etc. And I've run over my fingers countless times. It's a sure sign you're a sewer:)


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