Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What's making me happy... or was...

Since I have already told some of you about this project I am blogging about it before I am finished...I thought I would be done already so I feel bad making you wait any longer!
So I got this wild hair to make garland the other day... and boy am I making garland! I figured I would pick up just a few types of paper to try out and here they are... ahem...so maybe I went a little overboard on my paper selection... since Sunday I have been punching paper and sewing...

They are totally making me happy! And since I bought sooooo much paper I am going to throw some up in the shop and see how they do... or I am going to hang them from the ceilings and freak Uber out when he comes home... speaking of which
Our guests came in Sunday night from their trip to Savannah (Uber had left that morning) and they were very entertained by the madness going on at the dinning room table and wanted to know if I was planning to do the whole house in them while Ubers gone... I guess a grown woman cutting out paper and sewing it together is a little weird...

So the frustrating part is some how my settings on Adobe Elements got all wonky and I cannot figure out how to get them back to rights. Does anyone know a way to restore default settings? Whatever I have managed to do to isn't resetting by closing out the program. Anyway if anyone can trouble shoot that would be awesome my technical support is on vacation!
I have all of this adorable packaging in mind but am unable to create the graphics. I did manage to get one done though so here's a preview

I've been thinking up fun names for what each of the garlands colors remind me of. This one's blue and green so I called it Oceanside. The garland on the label matches the colors of the garland enclosed.... is this a little obsessive? Probably but it is super cute...
Hopefully my technical difficulties will be fixed shortly and I will be able to get some of these up in the shop...


  1. Jessica, you are amazing.....love these, what a clever idea, the packageing all of it. The table of circles.................so funny, think you should do the house while uber is gone.....

  2. After sleeping poorly I needed this! LOVE them and I'm loving your obsessive flow with the packaging. Wish I could be your technical advisor but that's not happening...

  3. I think it's awesome! Matching the garland on the package to what's inside: obsessive? No. It's always a good idea to preview the product for the consumer.

    Have you come up with a name for the pink one yet? How about Garden Party? Are you going to put these on Etsy? I might need one for Elora's first birthday. :)

  4. Hmmmmm..... So that is what the sewing machine has been doing in the background of every phone call for the past 3 days. Cute but odd, and yes I am concerned for your sanity. Just please don't hang them all over the house. hahahaha Packaging looks great by the way.

  5. Love these! The package is brilliant, just dont know how you produce all of this!

  6. Hey, you two. Just wanted to say "Hi" and hope you all are doing well, and from the looks of things that must be true. I've been bad and haven't posted any pics lately, so I'll try and do that soon.
    John & Jan D. in St. Louie

  7. These are really really cute! I was telling your mom that I grew up in Oceanside, California (from about 4ish to 17ish). Oceanside is a perfect name for this but oh how I hate that place! . Anyway, love these garlands! ALOT!


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