Thursday, August 6, 2009

Relax and Recycle

Yes, I too am on the string quilt band wagon. What's not to love? I'm using any paper I would normally throw away for my foundation and small peices of fabric I can't bear to throw away. The only peices you must be precise with, for the spider web pattern, are the middle "kite" shapes. I love the randomness of the rest of the quilt. I only have about 94 more triangles to go for a decent sized quilt. Hmmmm, maybe it will be a baby sized quilt.
If you'd like to try one there is a great tutorial here.


  1. Whatever size you choose I will give it a home! Come rescue me from paper!!!

  2. i love this whole concept, it is just beautiful! Need to sew again...

  3. Wait...I missed something. What is it, exactly?

  4. Sorry Adrianne..... it's the beginning of a quilt. Made from "scraps" otherwise known to me as small peices of treasured fabrics.

  5. I love this! And need to make one myself:) I can't wait to see it finished!


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