Wednesday, February 8, 2012

bibs and random second hand finds

I have a new found appreciation for people who make and sell bibs- boy are they a LOT of work! 
I wanted to have some ready to go for Isabella so on my last order I threw in a yard of Joel Dewberry's Heirloom Laminated Cotton Block Print in Amethyst. I LOVE this fabric it is so pretty! Mum had made Micah some double sided bibs that were fantastic so I backed these in the same Minky and this time instead of making up our own pattern I used the bib pattern in Oliver + S little things to sew it was a little large so I ended up shrinking the pattern and making two sizes. 1 yard made 10 so hopefully we will be set on bibs -since I doubt I will be making any more!  
One thing that made the project a little (and I mean a very little) less tedious was Mum and I have discovered 505 Adhesive spray- if you sew and you haven't tried this stuff out you must order some immediately! I was able to glue the cut out laminate bib to the uncut minky fabric and it made cutting the minky out and sewing the binding on super 'easy' because I didn't have to worry about the fabric shifting. 
I try to schedule all of my Dr apt's that Uber isn't interested in coming to so that I can drag Mum with me.... I hate going so I try to make it as fun as possible - we stop at Biscottis (YUM!) for lunch and usually try and squeeze in some additional fun shopping or crafting. This last time we FINALLY checked out some of the second hand stores that (who knew?!) were just around the corner from the hospital on a street I've never driven far enough down. Thanks to a local blogger I was clued in! I scored two awesome things- which was fun because I usually never find things like this--
An old wooden frame with convex glass for $30 (probably a little over priced I am not sure - but I loved it and didn't bother to bicker since the glass which seems original was really awesome) just wait until I show you what I did with it! I am so excited!
And a solid wood side table ($25) which I think will end up going in Isabella's room. I had just figured I wouldn't find anything reasonably priced so I had just planned on Micah's room not having one- it even has little leafs that pop up on either side! I'm not sure it will stay green but I also don't see myself painting it anytime in the foreseeable future!
Mum came home with a bunch of jarred buttons- which I keep meaning to look through. I think there were some really neat ones in there!


  1. The bibs are really pretty. Thanks for the tips on the adhesive spray.

    LOVE LOVE the little side table, I would have snatched it too, that was a great price. The frame is a great find, can't wait to see what you do with it. Did I say I love the table? Oh, yes I did.....

  2. I've already pinned that adhesive spray. :) Love your second-hand finds, especially that green table! I wouldn't paint it, I LOVE that color. :) How are you decorating Isabella's room? I found some embroidery patterns that made me think of you....

  3. I love the convex glass and frame!! I had some in my shopping cart for ever on etsy from various sellers of vintage adn they sold because I took to long. they weren't as large as yours! I'm sooo in love with yours! I wouldn't have haggeled either (can you do that at a thrift-type store?). The table is awesome too! you scored!

  4. meant to also say that I love the bibs!

  5. Oooh! Neat stuff! I like the green of the table. Of course maybe it's different in real life, but on my computer screen I think it's perfect as is!

  6. Great finds and adorable bibs!

  7. I wish I could find awesome stuff like that.Cindy

  8. Those bibs are way to cute for baby to spit on. I table is is pretty. Love the detail on the leg.


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