Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Modified Dresden Plates

I'm going to have to stop reading Jan's blog. I have had inspiration pictures and wanted to do something with Dresden plates forever and after seeing the cute pillow she posted the other day I ended up having some spare time at Mums house and started raiding her scrap stash - first I was just going to make a pillow but then these circles were so easy and fun to make that I ended up making 9! 
Of course I should say they were easy because Mum bought a template at the quilt show. These templates are wonderful! The other thing that made the process fast was starch (thanks Mum!) I snipped all of my scraps and then starched and ironed them before cutting- it made the process fast and I was able to cut 4-6 at a time accurately.
Of course my fun free project ended up getting rather expensive when I had to go buy fabric to put the plates on to!  Since I hadn't planned this project out I ended up at Joann's  (no patience to order things!) I originally wanted a grey linen but that was $$ and I wasn't in love with any of the limited color choices so then it was Kona Ash but they didn't have enough so I think this ended up being Kona slate...which now that it's done I think looks better then either of the light grey fabrics would have. And then while wandering the isles I spotted the green mini-check twill from the Lisette Collection. Perfect for my downstairs with all of it's little bits of green!
I just 505'd the circles onto the Kona and then machine stitched them on. Easy and fun I used the stitch that looks like a blanket stitch. For the quilting I used a variegated green pearl cotton. I refused to be all fussy with it since it was supposed to be a fun project- so it's not perfect! This was the first time I used the 505 on a quilt that I hand stitched and I have to say it was AWESOME! Are we sensing a theme? No annoying pins to put in or take out!
This quilt makes me super happy, it's already become a favorite for everyday use.


  1. That is so pretty Jess. Its good to see you quilting. The 'next' generation of quilters in our family! Grandmother Sarah Belle and mom would be proud!

  2. I love watching you work! The quilt is gorgeous.

  3. Oh wow this is great!!! - It makes me want to go make one! Really interested that you say hand stitching was fine using spray baste because another blogger was just saying she was really struggling to hand quilt with perle her spray basted quilt.

    Ps. Please Don't stop reading my blog :-)

  4. 1. Great look! I like the dresden plate.
    2. What quilt show? When did Corinnea go to the quilt show? Was it the one she went to when she worked at the craft store? (And called me from like a silly girl when she saw Amy Butler...) Or did she go again recently?
    3. 505? Maybe you need a post about that.
    4. Love that you hand quilt stuff! It's a great look!

  5. Love the Dresden plates and the colors you used, really really pretty, and of course the hand quilting is beautiful!

  6. Kelly- I linked to the 505 a few posts back --
    -- let me know if you have any more questions about it!

  7. Does ANYBODY but you sit down and just whip up a quilt? It would take me 6 months even if I could figure out what to do. It is beautiful.

  8. I LOVE the hand quilting! I need to try this on a quilt..

  9. I.love.this.

    And I've really enjoyed visiting your whole blog.

    A craft shop with your mom?! How awesome is THAT?! Seriously. I have four daughters and the idea of something like that just melts my heart.

    I gather from the posts that you're expecting your first girl :) Congratulations!


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