Thursday, February 23, 2012

Swiss Dot Love

I found this lovely Swiss dot at Joann's a few weeks back. I couldn't wait to show it to Jessica and I really hoped that it was something she'd like for Isabella. Thank goodness she did or I might have cried. I let her choose the pattern, McCalls 4424 and then added my own touches.
I almost decided to drive myself crazy and match the side seams but  then decided not to. I did trim the bottom in a black batiste. I think it adds a bit of sophistication. 
Can a baby be sophisticated?
The bodice is lined with white Kona cotton. Finding two matt black buttons the right size made me very happy.
There is a very cute pair of bloomers to match.
Under no circumstances do I want to rush this baby, but I will really enjoy it when she is here and I can see her in these dresses!


  1. As the mom of three boys...I'm so enjoying all the girlie stuff going on there!

  2. so cute Corinnea! swiss dot, batiste! Lovely:) Fun watching you create for this baby:)

  3. Adorable!!!! If she didn't like the fabric you could have just made something for you. I love the look with the black band at the bottom!

  4. Adorable. I keep thinking I am going to sew for Gabby. I keep thinking....

  5. Love the little polka dot dress, so cute. There is just something in dressing up little girls.


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