Wednesday, February 1, 2012

An Invite!

I received the funnest of invites the other day, to be a guest blogger on my sister's and niece's beautiful blog, but seriously they are so talented along with their spouses that the thought of what to post was a LITTLE intimidating.  I didn't know whether to show a  sweater for a bitty who will be coming along very soon, its very soft and my own design, easy, simple, hope she likes it. 

Maybe the stamps that are so fun to carve, could make these all day long, just have to figure out what they are good for...

Or to show my favorite thing from Christmas, it may still be up.

Could show some of the scribbles that have been going on....
Or what about my two favorite girls, Soffe has a sprain because she think she has great dane legs, but not really, and Slips just hides from the world.

Perhaps the most beautiful spot in Tahoe, Falling Leaf Lake, we escape here for a afternoon whenever we can, which is not enough.

Most of all wanted to show this, he has to be one of my most favorite possessions, made by my brother in law a really long time ago.  I love him.  He is cast in bronze and is tiny and lovely.  See how hard it is to come up with anything that matches that?  But it sure is fun to try....


  1. What a fun post! My kids are so talented!

  2. Oh my goodness - let's start with baby sweater that is GORGEOUS!! You need to make a pattern!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!
    Have you tried stamping on fabric yet?
    Where did you get those awesome lite up stars?
    I think you should try selling your drawings!
    I had to enlarge the photo to see where slippers was - she is such a nut!
    I can't wait to come and visit again so we can spend a day in Tahoe! Micah would love it... though the cold water may be a shock!
    I am so glad you are sharing all the gorgeous things you have been creating. I think you proven you have nothing to be intimidated of!

  3. Hi Sherie! Your stuff is awesome! You guys have such a creative family!

  4. I knew you were holding out on me! Your stuff is gorgeous. Seriously.

    I totally forgot about the elephant.

  5. That could have been 6 (or 7 if you count the animal photos) seperate guest posts! I love it all but the sweater and your drawings are my favorite!

  6. Now everyone knows why a got no creativity. The rest of my family took it all. All my niece's are beyond amazing. I love seeing what you guy's do.


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