Monday, February 20, 2012

Mod Mosaic - Quilt for For a Cause

  I decided to join the auction for Sacred Selections again this year. It's fun to think that I have a very small part in helping children and parents come together. 
I had a different quilt in mind, I started it and then I lost it.
 I mean this literally. 
I lost a quilt.
In my room.
I am now trying very, very hard to get my room organized.
I then decided that I'd try using the Mod Mosaics pattern by Elizabeth Hartman as a jumping off point. It was a very interesting method.  At first I wasn't comfortable not knowing exactly how the blocks would look. They changed with each small white sashing strip. After a bit it became quite fun, the not quite knowing part.
Everything I used I had in my scraps/stash. I love this quilt and it feels good to make something I love from small saved pieces. 
After I finished the large blocks, I was struggling a bit with my layout. It wasn't meshing they way I pictured, then Jessica suggested a smaller block in the middle. I think it makes the quilt. It's nice to have a second voice when you work! I sashed around the blocks with Kona Ash. That nearly made me loose my mind.,I even managed a couple of set in-seams. It's backed in a dark blue with white polka dot, Basic Brights Pattern No. 29398 by Windham. The binding is Kona Charcoal.
Now I just hope someone likes it enough to bid on it!


  1. Corinnea it is beautiful!!! How sweet that you want to be a part of this wonderful auction. Knowing that someone will have this in their home and the story behind it makes it even more special.

  2. A beautiful quilt for a beautiful cause...from a beautiful heart!

  3. AMAZING! So Beautiful!! I can't imagine the one you lost could be any more Spectacular than this! I love the fresh modern approach to this quilt!
    THANK YOU for remembering SACRED SELECTIONS!
    We have a current urgent need for helping a little 6 year old boy into a family of Love.
    Your quilt will make a difference in his life!

  4. So cool! I love the mosaic look. Kudos for leaving your comfort zone, the results are beautiful. Someone will fall in love with it, and take it home. Maybe more than one someone will fall in loved with it, and there will be a biding war. :)

  5. I'm sure it will cause a bidding frenzy because it's so very very LOVELY!

  6. I love that quilt pattern!!! You did a great job with it!

  7. Oh, I forgot to comment about you losing a quilt - hahahahahahaha!!!!! Ok, I feel better. :) Love you!

  8. Can't believe you lost a quilt. This one is lovely, and it does look balnced with the small block that you added. I am sure there will be a bidding war.

  9. Ha, it's mine! I have no self-control when it comes to the beautiful things you make, cannot wait to see this in person!!!!!!

  10. it's beautiful Corinnea! I think the blue block is my favorite. How do YOU lose a quilt in your room? me I can understand but you??


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