Monday, July 27, 2009

Hail in July ... what gives?

I’m sitting here in the dark because the power is out… and there is a freakishly large storm heading over the top of us… a storm that includes hail… yeah you heard me in FLORIDA in JULY … HAIL… Hoping the cars aren’t damaged. You should hear the thunder it’s the kind you can feel in your chest. I tried to capture some video and pictures for you. If you zoom in on this you can see chunks of ice in the air.

On another note I am contemplating painting my front door and did a mockup for you… a mock up that isn't at all the color I really want… I was going for a Santorini blue but photoshop isn’t cooperating with that color… I spent a half an hour trying… (a half an hour I had power : ( ) Anyway is this a completely atrocious idea? It seems so good in my head… but it could just be very, very bad in reality... My front door is hidden around a corner and can’t be seen from anywhere else in the house. I was thinking painting it could be fun because there is not much else that can be done in the small area and everyone gets confused about which door leads out. Anyway use your imagination for the right color and let me know what you think. Feel free to tell me if you hate it!

Oh and I am returning the table cloth. I just don’t think it is quite right…

**Edited to add** Well the power came back on at 8... I spent the rest of the night getting the house clean... so no crafting unfortunately.


  1. I tried to put a pic of the blue here and it won't let me!!! I like it! What harm would it be to try? Except having to redo it if you hate it but whatever....
    That was a wicked storm! We had one here too. Brink crawled up under the dest this time..

  2. Go for the blue! My mom painted the inside of our front door a brilliant almost-lime green back in the day, and it wasn't in an out of the way corner--it was right in the middle of the room! I don't know what possessed her to do that (maybe I'll ask her!), but it was pretty cool.

    Yeah, I figured you'd return that tablecloth. The room looks better without it! :) Maybe a white one would be better (or ivory, whichever the trim on your walls is)?

  3. Meant to comment on this a while ago...have you painted the door? I have an "Exit" sign hanging on my door that I got at an anitque shop. Looks 50's. So you could make a really cute sign.I've seen someone on etsy makes signs out of metal and sticks custom made wording on it (like a vinyl decal). I like doors being different colors. I've always wanted a black or red door on the outside...That blue though is sooo bright! I know it's the computer but it doesn't go with your walls. You said it's around the corner and not seen from anywhere but maybe something not soo shocking? I like the idea though.


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