Monday, May 31, 2010

I still do stuff!

A Travel Bag for Uber. We are going to be doing a bit of traveling so I finally took the five seconds to wipe this project out, it's been on my to do list for an embarrassingly long time! The outside is a dark chocolate heavy linen. with blue seersucker lining.

I modified the pattern to have handles. I think it makes it look more guy-ish. It turned out really well... thank goodness! I would probably add the zipper tab back on if I do it again... wasn't thinking.

Something fun. The original photo on the cover of this book is mine (it has been HEAVILY photoshoped... hahaha) I am in no way even slightly pretending to be a photographer. Please don't ask me to take a picture.... ever!
Another long over due project completed. One I roped Uber into. It's a picture board for our church's building. It's off being stained by someone else now... ahhh it's nice to be pregnant when things need to be stained!
This is just to prove to you all that I have been accomplishing something (a lot more is in the works... if I could just get any of it completed!)
Back tomorrow with pictures from our Memorial Day weekend in Atlanta (Ohhhh...Ahhhh!)


  1. I was thinking I needed to make another bag... Glad you're still doing stuff, or directing others to do stuff....

  2. I like the bag! I had to ask your mom to explain the book. That's really neat that your photograph is on a published book! And you're now taking on billboards? Sweet! ;)

  3. Girl... I'm scared to see what you'll be up to when you are REALLY nesting in those last couple months! You look great! Miss you guys! Heather


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