Sunday, November 21, 2010

Closet Organization

Finally a completed craft project... of course the smaller easier one is mine!
I wanted a hamper and a way to separate different sized clothing in Micah's closet ... this is only one bar there is another bar above plus a drawer with larger sizes... I kept forgetting where the different sizes begun and ended which is really irritating when you are trying to get a sometimes fussy baby dressed... so after a few days of brain storming I came up with this solution

Wraps for the bars. I wanted to be able to read the sizes looking into the closet so the plastic sideways discs weren't going to cut it for I wanted to make mine... I am totally jazzed with the way that they turned out. I just did quick hand embroidered numbers and stole moms sewing machine (while she held Micah... see she helps with every project) to sew them up and used iron on Velcro. If anyone is interested I can do up a quick tutorial ... it may take me a few days... lol...
Next the hamper. I had made a quick drawing of my idea and had cut all the pieces out roughly to the size I wanted them and then threw the project at mum to complete ... which she was really nice about doing (not sure how long that is going to last! : P )... she of course made the whole thing even better. For some reason she is not super happy with it and told me I could blog it... Personally I think its fantastic and I wanted you all to see what an awesome job she did with someone else's half baked idea.

So I have ONE more thing to complete and then the nursery is done (for now). Ubers parents are here tomorrow so I am am hoping to steal some crafting time this next week while they spend quality time with Micah. I really can't wait to show you the completed project!

Now for some gratuitous baby shots-
Micah visiting his Dad at work!
Micah with his amazing grandparents -can't wait to show you some pictures of him with his other set of equally amazing grandparents ; )
And AGH! Uber clean wrapped in a towel Micah! How stinking cute is this towel?
Alright I am off to chew on my baby!


  1. Hahaha, this is a great post! I seriously lol-ed at your parting sentiment, and before that I had been smiling big. I'm not sure which is better-- Micah at work with his daddy, or Micah in his monster towel. Love love love all of it. Keep posting these wonderful pictures!

  2. I love his little mouth!!! yeah yeah the other stuff is really cool...BUT I LOVE his little mouth. :)

  3. The projects are very cool! I like the idea to wrap the bars. And the hamper looks great! I have to ask though... maybe it's my eyes, but how does that closet work? Is there like a cliff at the edge of the floor where that hamper goes down? What are we looking at? I know that's a silly thing to wonder about...

    Love baby! Love the towel! Very cute!

  4. I think this is one of the cutest rooms ever! You need to show everyone soon! So very glad I can be here to help make your visions come to life.... whether it's by sewing or holding that boy!

  5. The tags are awesome. I had the same problem, should have emailed you for a solution =) The hamper is a super cool idea. I'm so going to make some like that when I move back to america and have a huge American closet =) If you guys ever make a pattern, send one my way! Love the baby pics!!! You should end every post with one or 10 =) He is too stinkin cute!

  6. Love the size thingies! I have the plastic ones and they work great but yours are prettier:) The hamper is cool too. And of course I wanna eat your baby too! I mean nibble on him too:)


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