Thursday, November 11, 2010

Slowly But Surely, Or Just Slowly.....

It's taken me just a bit longer to get settled than I was hoping. I keep forgetting that this blog is about my progress and not just the finished product. "Finished" will take me years. I love this house. It's completely comfortable and livable as it is. There are changes that would make it really awesome but those are going to take time. So, for now, it is just about the process. You might have to remind me of that sometimes.

First up is a simple project to help the guest bathroom. I still need to paint and get a new vanity, oh and a new floor.... See told you it is going to take years. It is interesting to see what a bit of fabric can do.

Go to this link to see the Before. I am loving the after. I wanted something fun. Does it work??

I got this rather bold fabric from Ikea before I left Germany. I added Kona cotton in espresso for the header and hem on the curtain. I used an eyelet stitch on my machine to make the holes for the hooks.  I was trying out carpets for the floor and couldn't find what I wanted. Per Jessica's suggestion I bought a towel (3.50 on clearance from Target) to use as a "carpet". After making the curtain I had just enough fabric left to put the trim onto the towel. A floor covering that can easily be thrown into the wash! Woot!


  1. I love it! I read every word trying to figure out what was on the floor. A towel! Genius!

  2. love it now we need to buy paint!!

  3. Wonderful! At first, I'd assumed that you'd bought the set, but when I realized that you made the curtain, I thought "Where in the world did she get the matching rug???" Too clever. :)

    Also, is that a turtle shell on the counter? It looks like a turtle shell.


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