Friday, November 19, 2010

The Blue Door

 I love color. Who knew? When we moved to this house I knew I wanted the door to be blue. I just found out my sister is painting hers red. I may want a red door soon but for now, it's blue and I love it. I didn't realize until I started painting it that the tiles we hung in the entry are trimmed with almost the same blue. They were a gift from my parents in law heart, who carted them all the way from Spain to Germany. This might not seem like such a big deal but this is not a light weight peice! 
It's one of my favorite things. The door looks so much better than it did before. 
 Someone is smiling a lot and trying to tell me things.


  1. I looove the door!! That blue is gorgeous. I want either a red or black door but of course I'd have to see what spoke tome at that time:) Cool the color matches the tiles!

    that baby looks snugly.

  2. That's a lovely blue! Great choice! And the tiles are beautiful!

    Sweet baby! I want to hold him!

  3. Color is amazing, perfect for your home, remember that door in Rottenburg we both took a pic of cause of its pretty color? Well, think we both need a little gnome now like it had!

  4. Love it! It looks even better in person!

  5. How very cool - a blue door! I absolutely love it! I'm impressed you painted it yourself ;-))

  6. Wonderful! Don't you love it when your things just kind of...mesh? <3 Micah. :)

  7. Wow! I missed these posts and only now read them. Great Blue Door! Love the tile! And it's nice to see that you are posting again!


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