Sunday, November 14, 2010

Quilt Display

 Some of my beloved friends from Germany may recognize this display. Yes, it's part of the baby crib I bought at the second hand store and took apart for display at our shop. 
I was going to hang them in "my room" but You Know Who didn't think there was enough wall space. He decided they would look better in the hall. He was right. Don't tell him though. This wall and most of the hallway was thoughtfully painted by my sister. Seriously, without her and Jessica I still wouldn't be sewing. 
I was in my family room (the room that has no purpose and no real furniture yet) the other evening and turned to see this on my hallway wall. Have I told you all that I love my home? It is a home. I cannot remember having a place that feels like it belongs to me and my family as much as this place. It's kind of weird. I loved this and wanted to share it with you.


  1. I love the quilt display- love love love! It's so fun seeing all the quilts up together!

  2. I love that in the hall!!! It's such a great way to use the crib panels and cool for a narrow area.

  3. THIS.IS.GENIUS!!!!! GEEEENIUS!!!! I want to do this! We should have done this at the store (the cascading quilts) although the wall space is small. And weird but last night I was thinking a lot about how I miss decorating the store and Jennifer-izing it:) So good to see your quilts up and your beautiful home. And I'm so happy to hear you feel at home. I want to come visit! But in the winter..

  4. FABULOUS idea using the baby crib! I may steal that idea from you! ;-)

    So... those were tantalizing photo's of your house. WHERE are the rest of the pics? Yes I'm nosey and you know that about me. I LOVE looking in other peoples houses (didn't A tell you how I used to look in all the apartments windows as we were walking up to our apartment when we used to live in Ks.?) I'm sure he told you about that. Anyhow, I wanna see your place! Hop to it missy!

    Oh, and you can post more pic's of Micah on your post too. You can never have enough grandbaby pics, I say! ;-)

  5. That picture is the coolest thing ever, that is truly artful. So glad you love your home, it really is a wonderful place.


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