Sunday, November 14, 2010

Micah - the first 6 weeks

Photo update for family and anyone else who is interested (Uber says I can't fill facebook up with baby pictures ...haha... and plus some people don't have facebook)

Here's a bunch of pictures of the little guy in no particular order just a few of my favorites--out of thousands... yeah and we haven't even been that good about getting pictures!

I'll try not to make too many posts picture posts!


  1. do as I do and include child photos in with craft photos! So post a craft item and slip in some baby pics at the end:)

    I love a good baby butt! I have a framed one of emily's but in the air. And just yesterday ava was sleeping like that with her butt in the air and I asked jon when do they stop doing that? I can't lay like that! Babies in buckets are always good too:) Keep the photos coming! he's so precious:)

  2. OMG, is the pot for the dead bird???? Hahaha! Oh, maybe that was just funny to me......

    Please keep posting baby pictures! We all wish would could be there with you guys, so this is the best we get! So keep em coming! I love that baby butt in the air pic. Classic. The rings on the toes is an interesting one. I haven't see that before. Great stuff.

  3. I love the baby butt, too, so cute! Elora doesn't really do it any more, but I know my sister slept like that for years-- definitely until well after she started school. Those pictures of Micah are just gorgeous, definitely keep posting! The one with the rings is really nice, I'll have to remember that. :)

  4. Don't be shy about posting pics of your beautiful boy. Yep, the butt pic is the best!

  5. Keep posting them!!! Your baby is the cutest and the ictures make me miss my boys whwn they were babies!!!

  6. Very nice! LOVE the baby pictures! And do as Jennifer suggests... slide those baby pic's in with the craft, food, travel pics when you blog. As you can see, I've done that in mine!

    Great photo's Jess, keep them coming! ;-)

  7. Love that Boy! All the pictures are beautiful, but its the baby butt shot for me too, more please!

  8. He is too cute! Absolutley gorgeous, keep the pictures coming. Also, your mom takes AWESOME pictures!!!


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