Friday, November 12, 2010

My Sister, My Friend

It's been over two years since I've seen my sister. It's so good to know that time and distance are not relevant in our relationship. 
 She's gorgeous and kind.
 She makes me laugh like no one else. 
 We can be all kinds of special and we don't care.
 We are so much alike and so much different.
We have fun hanging out and doing nothing.
 She taught us to knit.
She can hold a baby and knit.
 She loves her Great Nephew very much.
And I think he feels the same.


  1. And I bet if she posted about you the text would be exactly the same. :) (except you would teach her to make hexies or something... LOL)

  2. What a nice post. Glad you two could spend time together.

  3. You are blessed to have a sister like that. What fabulous pictures especially the last couple.

  4. I miss you all! I feel exactly the same way about you! And next trip, hexies!

  5. We really should have kidnapped her!

  6. that last photo...sigh...

    sisters can be the best:) can be...

    is that your house in that one photo? I want to see it with furniture? And is that the phil and teds bouncer??

  7. Wonderful photos, the last one is so lovely!

  8. love love love... great photos, great times! (You didn't forget how, you just needed someone great to post about =)

  9. Love my girls, always have, always will..............


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