Monday, April 11, 2011

Reversible Bucket Hat

After seeing Jen's version for her daughter, I thought I needed this book.... When Jess commented that this was the hat she wanted for the little guy, I bought it. It was delivered two days later and I made the first version that night. That night, three (or four?) weeks ago.... I'm a bit slow with my show and tell....
 I'm so silly, I photographed it on him sideways. Part of the problem is, he's not really enjoying the wearing of the hat. He didn't mind it so much at first. Then he decided it was a great chew toy. I'm not sure he is aware that the hat will keep the sun out of his eyes. We'll have to have another conversation about it.
 The pattern is quick and fairly easy. I did not hand sew the crown as suggested in the pattern. I so do not have enough time right now. I just top stitched them together and it works fine. My machine needs to be cleaned desperately and I obviously need to adjust my tension....
 Brinkley loves to hang out for a bit, letting our chunky monkey practice his petting technique. Thankfully he is a gentle, patient dog and doesn't mind the baby kung-fu grip too much.

Thanks so much for all of the really nice comments on my last post! It is really nice to have people out there thinking good thoughts about the little things I like to do. I realized that I may have been clear about the giveaway....... I am giving away one of my copies of the magazine. There is still time to go and make a comment.
See ya in a couple of days!


  1. Thanks for the pictures of that boy. Love the hat, it is so cute and your story is darling. Love that Brink too, the look oh his face is priceless. A boy and a dog!

  2. Aw, those cheeks! And knuckle dimples! Too cute. And your daughter is so beautiful, she really takes after you. (ps: i love the hat too :) navy and green is such a classic combo)

  3. Ooooh! Love the hat! It looks so simple and yet... the comment you made about it being "fairly" easy made me re-think trying to make it myself. If it was only fairly easy for you then it's going to be waaaay too difficult for me. Blah. Maybe I wanna make that hat because Micah is so cute in ! Yup, that's it. Micah makes the hat. ;-)

  4. Lovely hat and wonderful photos!

  5. What a fat face! You can't really tell it's on crooked in the picture...I love the picture of him with brinkley... need to get a copy for his book!

  6. The hat is adorable! And he is so cute with Brinkley! I love imagining Brinkley with him and all the things that must go through his head... :)

  7. Love the hat. I'm been lucky that both my GK's like hats. And he looks adorable in it. Pinch his cheek for me.

  8. yay! you made one!! it's soo cute. I love the color combo. Oh my goodness is he chubby! I feel I can comment on his weight since i have a chub in the family too:)

    I love when animals are patient and tolerant of hair/whisker pulling. I had a cat that wasn't and used to leave scratches after a good smack. My poor neice got smacked my him many times.

  9. This little boy is soooo stinkin cute ;) and that hat looks great on him. I must make one for my niece :) Love the photo with Brinkley he is such a good dog ;)


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