Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Simplicity Dress- modified

YEAH! My second dress is complete... after sitting around in my to do pile for weeks!
It's another Simplicity 2975
Mum of course supervised 
The fabric is Chestnut Hill Ironwork
Pockets were added 
and this time we modified the straps to have buttons ... for easy access
I really love it... 


  1. That's lovely! Do the buttons give easy enough access? Or do you have to unbutton both sides? I'm thinking I need some summer dresses for weddings and the like, and I really don't want to wear a knit dress, which seems to be the theme for nursing dresses...

  2. i see it with a belt! ;d woderful sewing, and the top of it looks amazing! :)

  3. Oh my....I LOVE IT! Button detail looks great!

  4. You did a great job! It looks so cute on you.

  5. The buttons look really cool, even if they weren't necessary! Nice touch!


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