Friday, April 22, 2011

Giraffe Quilt

Wait there's two?! Yes I am on a role... Another crib quilt size 35"x 28" 
I LOVE this one (the elephant one is everyone else's favorite) The elephant and giraffe are actually graphics from the fabric that I made that I still haven't ordered...
The front is linen and Recess by American Jane for Moda and the back is some of the new Denyse Schmidt line. 
It's also in the shop


  1. wooo! i was in love with the elephant one.. and now im in love with the giraffe quilt too!!! Beautiful work jessica!!!!

  2. thanks! I REALLY love this one!

  3. I love them both...I think I love this one slightly more because it's harder to find giraffe things and I have a small collection of giraffe's...well smaller than my collection of elephant things lol

  4. This one is my favorite today....

  5. super super cute! You are on a roll! what's the giraffe and elephant made of? looks like micro suede.

  6. Jennifer- all of the appliqué is kona cotton


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