Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cork Balls

Uber and I were out window shopping last week and we popped into Anthropology to get out of the heat (yes heat!) as always their window displays were amazing, they had a cork instillation which I snapped a (terrible) picture of with my phone
I found this picture online of another store... ours was prettier 
So I decided to make some of my own cork balls because it looked like fun... here's a quick run down if anyone wants to make their own completely useless decoration!

You'll need
pruning sheers
styrofoam balls
brown pearl cotton or twing
long needle
hot glue gun

I chopped the corks in half so the ball would have the look of a larger ball (corks being tighter together)
Grab a couple of Styrofoam balls in different sized- I checked the clearance section and found old snowball ornaments from Christmas and was able to  re-purpose them
I wanted the option to hang them so I threaded a long needle with pearl cotton and knotted a loop at the end
skewer the ball
hot glue the top knot in place, then tie off the bottom and hot glue
now the fun part - start adding your corks. I found working out from a center point seemed to work best. You can clip a little of the edges at the base of the corks off to keep them tighter as you go

Fill in all of the crevices with a dot of glue and moss
And you're finished! Place the balls randomly on shelves in your home...
I realized I have never showed you any of my gifts so here is one- Uber got me a Breville Frother if you love frothed milk in your coffee or hot chocolate you NEED this I mean look---
How amazing is that?! The funny thing is that I've never actually used it because he makes me my coffee in the morning but it is the best gift ever!!


  1. oh they look so cute! yours are definietely more cute! ;D

  2. oooh, now I know what I want to do with all those corks I've been saving! Thank for this!

  3. They are very cute... I'm wondering if I need any.

  4. Ummm, perfect excuse for me to get more wine! I knew I shoulda been saving my corks for something! Great work!

  5. Of course you made cork balls look stinkin' cute. I may have to try that but I'm sure mine would not look that cute.

  6. gotta love anthro and how cool their stores are decorated! I don't save corks but I do have a bunch of large googly eyes. I could glue those on a ball and add moss in between each eye...

  7. Oh I love the eyeball idea it would be great for halloween like people were staring out of a bush or you could add a grave stone on it and it could be people underground... hahaah


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