Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Micah and his go cart

Micah hit 6 months over the weekend. Poor thing is dealing with his first cold/congestion. We went to the Dr. for his check up yesterday and he is now 19 pounds and 27.5 inches. He rolls everywhere- still no sign of crawling (as far as I can tell) and refuses to sit (unassisted) but if you put him in his walker he zips all over the house trying to see what he can get a hold of and slobber on. He's recently figured out how to turn around and is very good at following us and running over our feet and ankles- here is a (shorter!) video of him on the go.

Micah in his GoCart from jessica colvin on Vimeo.


  1. I love seeing him coming at me in that thing...but he hasn't rolled over my feet yet, might be another story then...

  2. He's a little lefty! He keeps going to his left.

  3. He is getting so big and doing SO much...love the video, just too short.....I love seeing his little smile and hearing his laugh.

  4. So absolutely adorable. I am loving that sweet little laugh of his. It just cracks me up that I can hear you quietly laughing in the background while filming. You need to be in the "home movies" more. Miss you guys. Auntie Cindy

  5. That is TOO Sweet!!!!


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