Monday, April 25, 2011

A Little Charm Quilt

The other day Jess said, "We should make some stroller quilts."
Then she made three.
With appliqué.
I managed to eek out one in twice the time!
 My challenge was to use fabric I had, and I did. Even down to the batting. Of course it's tiny, 35 x 35, so I'm not sure it should really count as fabric out...
Michael Miller Pod Pozy charm pack.
 Kaufman Kona chocolate border.
 Michael Miller Ta-Dot for the binding and back.
Sorry about the not so artistic sun spots. I wasn't in the mood for a do over. 
Next up is my gratuitous baby shot. Avert your eyes if you are tired of these........
Trying to capture golden baby lashes on a wiggly boy.


  1. love the quilt! And the golden eyelashes!

  2. That is such a lovely - happy quilt. Gorgeous long eyelashes.

  3. Our little quilt shop by us has some really cool pre-cut material that would be fun to use in a quilt;but I'm still not gonna make a quilt. WHY would I make a quilt when you make such beautiful ones? THE BOY, thanks I needed that. He is so beautiful.

  4. Sweet little quilt. :) Beautiful long, sun-touched lashes.

  5. Beautiful quilt! And look at those cheeks :-) So squeezable! I'm sure they get lots of grandma kisses, too!

  6. and here's the proof - so much cuteness fits into ONE blogpost ;-))

  7. Not sure if those cheeks could get any more kissable... he's such beautiful boy! Love the little quilt.


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