Thursday, April 21, 2011

elephant baby quilt and OCD-ness towards bobbins...

I have been having the urge to make a quilt so I finally gave in ---
It's baby quilt size 35"x24" 
And it's now in my shop.
Here's Micah modeling 
When Heather posted about needing bobbin storage it reminded me how unhappy I am with the mess of thread currently in my sewing box so I did some goggling and found this idea and decided to try it out
It's fantastic!
 I actually bought 3/8 tubing because they were out of 1/2 and to me the 5/8 looked too large. It was only $.38 per foot and out of the 1 foot I cut about 40 rings... super cheap and awesome... it's sad how happy this makes me!


  1. aaaadorable! and sooo boy-like. I think I've completely given up on my bobbins. I'm not sure i want to deal with the little plastic things. Let us know how it goes regarding putting them back on, etc.

  2. Jennifer - I've been using them for a few days now and they're great the plastic is super flexible and is smooth but it grabs the thread so it's ridiculously easy to get off and on and if I loose one I don't care because they ran about 1 cent each.

  3. Love, love, love the quilt!

    The bobbin thing is cool too! You were holding out on me??? Ha ha

  4. omg this quilt is awesome! i love that elephant! lovely!!!!;o

  5. Love your style of quilts; love the animals. LOVE THE BOY!!!!

    I'm OCD about my bobbins, I think your idea is going to help me. Great job.

  6. Oh holy cow, that trick with the bobbins is AWESOME! Thanks for sharing!

    The quilt is great too, but you totally derailed me with the tubing trick. :)

  7. The quilts are both adorable and the bobbin tamer is very clever!


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