Monday, May 16, 2011

36 weeks

Arrrrgh! (That's me being a pirate)
I'm not big on stuffed animals but Mum and I found the pirate Steiff bear at home goods a few months ago, it even came in a little suit case, you can't get much cooler then that. (disclaimer - I paid no where near that much for it)
And then a few weeks ago I found the pirate ship onesie at GAP - Uber thinks anything pirate/skull and cross bones is awesome so I had to get it
So Updates on the wee one:
He still has blue eyes 
his hair is dark blonde/light brown it's getting thicker and really long on top (which means hair cut soon)
He is super close to crawling -he can get up on all fours but so far can only go backwards... which isn't really  crawling-more scooting/sliding
Wednesday afternoon his two front bottom teeth appeared - with very little/ no fuss.... so we can no longer call him toothless... which is slightly sad because I liked that nickname...  
Oh and obviously he sits up very well on his own now...


  1. Oh my! Could he get any cuter?!? He has teeth! Still has his blue eyes! Love his little mouth and his toes!! Thanks for the up-date on the little him!

  2. His laughs are pretty amazing too.

  3. yeah, thanks for the update, he is just precious:) I love his chubby-ness. the 2nd picture is my favorite. And we love everything pirate here too! Scurvy rules!

  4. Oh my gosh, he's just so cute!!!


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