Sunday, May 8, 2011

Spring Top Sew Along 2011

I really didn't think I'd get anything done in time. Life has just been busy that way....
Long story short, inexpensive seersucker-like fabric from Joann's, Simplicity 2936, and an idea. 
Not sure it was a good idea, but it's wearable and that's what counts.
You know who thinks Brink should be in every picture.

I wanted to make sleeves that overlapped at the shoulders so re-cut two pieces on the bias. I decided to see what will happen to the raw hem of the sleeves. I also cut a not too ruffly ruffle for the neckline on the bias planning to leave that unfinished too. 
Not sure I'll use the pattern again. It's basic but boxy. Too wide for me everywhere except the hip area. 
It's not the pattern, it's me. I'm a pear. 
I reversed the ruffle fabric to the "wrong" side because it made it pop a bit more with the backside having a more pronounced slightly shiny line.
I wore it all day. It felt comfortable and I think was adequately cute.
Now to see what happens when I wash it....


  1. It's the patterns fault... no one is a pencil (baby's got back... hehehe) I think it looked good!

  2. I think it is very pretty and it looks so comfortable. AND, it looks great on you!

  3. It's lovely Corinnea! And it looks really good on you! That "tulip" sleeve thing is so in style right now!

  4. I like the fabric and think the top looks really good - it must have been very fiddly to make.

  5. Beautiful top! It's very flattering. :)

  6. Way cute Corinnea! I love the scoop neck and the way you did the sleeves! The ruffle is cute too. It's not boxy! At least it doesn't look too boxy in the pic. You can always take in the sides if you want it more fitted. I say it's a win! :)

  7. I love it. These are my type of tops. love the ruffles :)

  8. How cute! I didn't think it was too boxy either. And that overlapped sleeve is definitely "in" as are ruffles. Although, I would want more ruffles at the neckline. I adore ruffles! For those of us who are not "naturally gifted" in that area, definitely like the "more" ruffled look. ;-)

    I wish I could sew like you! I would make that top too!


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