Tuesday, May 10, 2011

More Mindless Sewing.

Since the deadline for Spring Top Week 2011 was extended through 8 pm tonight, I decided to sew a second top after work last night. I used the left over fabric from my first top and cut a simple tank shape on the bias. For the back I cut it just slightly higher than the front.  I got it a bit too wide so had to fuss with it for longer than I cared. There wasn't quite enough fabric for the length I wanted but seeing quite a few tops in the pool with bands on the bottom that I liked, I decided to do the same thing. I cut the band twice the width I needed, also on the bias. Folded it in half and sewed it to the bottom.... No hemming...Made tape for the neck and arm holes from the bodice fabric. 
Silly flower made from left over band fabric cut on the bias, in one inch strips, folded in half, gathered and randomly sewn into a wonky shape. I just pinned it on the shirt for now.
I wore it all day and it was very comfortable, almost as good as having a knit shirt on. 


  1. very cute corinnea! Love the band!

  2. oh, i love this fabric on the bias - very clever! And those waistbands rock. I love how they hold in the post-baby belly fat (not that you would know about that, clearly, but take my word for it)

  3. Yeah! Two shirts out of one fabric. I love the band on the bottom. Picked up that technique from you way back when you were teaching Paula and Lauren to make skirts. Love the fabric in the band!

  4. Lovely! It looks great on you. Love the little flower ;)

  5. I LOVE the top! And the fabric of the band is so you! What am I saying? The whole band with thing IS you! You are so clever and you look totally adorable in the top!

    Seriously loving your hair!

  6. Love the top. I am still amazed that you can just sit down and make something without a pattern.


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